Update from the Infirmary

There have been a few times over the past week where I’ve said to myself, “I’m never going sailing again!” I know, not what you’d typically hear from my thoughts on sailing. I’ve been sick over the past 3 years while sailing, but I’ve never experienced Dingue Fever and sailing before and it is a whopper. Of course, it didn’t help that just as we were leaving our last anchorage and going out to sea, I hadn’t yet closed my hatch, and a rogue wave came over the side and dumped about a gallon of sea water into my bed and on my computer. I haven’t opened my computer since then because I’ve felt so awful, but part of me was afraid to open it, expecting the worst. So far, so good. And the DF seems to be finally easing off. I’m not 100% back, but I’m getting there. The majority of the past week has been in bed for me. A wet bed with a fever. Oh joy.

A few days ago we passed the equator. The last time I passed the equator while sailing was my first time passing the equator as I was heading towards Ecuador. That was April of 2017, if I’m not mistaken. Ted and Jenny Peacocke made a big deal out of it, which was a lot of fun. This time we were going to be passing it about 30 minutes after my shift was over at 4 am and I was really tired and feeling sick, so I just went to bed after Brian relieved me. Just another day sailing, I guess.

For more than a day we’ve been crossing the mouth of the Amazon River. I had no idea how big it was. I’ve been told that you can feel the effects of its current for up to 200 miles into the ocean. That’s a lot of water flowing into the ocean!
Right now we’re about 45 miles from where we plan to anchor in French Guyana. It’s 1 am and we’ve been averaging 9-10 knots of boat speed because of a favorable current of about 3 knots. The ocean is quite flat, considering the speeds we’re doing, which makes you think you’re going much slower than that. Perfect sailing weather. Still not sure I want to go sailing again. Not feeling well again. Just when you think you’re starting to feel better, it changes again. I’ll have to check back in when I’m 100% for a full report of my future in sailing.

Current position is 4°57’27” North 51°57’41” West.

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12 thoughts on “Update from the Infirmary

  1. So sorry to hear how I’ll you have been. That has got to suck something fierce. Hope you are feeling like your old self very soon.

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  2. Oh man… Dengue is not to be minimized… really bad stuff… hope you can anchor soon and take time heal… sounds miserable. So sorry..

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  3. Oh man
    So sorry you’re sick! An awful feeling to be sick in motion. The worst for me was sailing rough seas 7 months pregnant from Fanning atoll to America Samoa with a touch of flu. 🤤
    I sure hope you can totally flush it from your body. Do you take antibiotics for it?

    I completely get where you’re coming from…… feeling that you’re done sailing.
    I have soooo been there. In fact I went several years once.
    It’s been my experience that you may stop for a time and stay high on the many experiences but you will LONG for the vastness that only sailing can offer. Even if it’s just a nice weekend sail to the Channel Islands. 😉 The spirit of a sailor is deeply ingrained.

    Thanks for sharing your great adventure! 💦🐚Are you finding any sea shells?


  4. Sorry to hear that you’re not well. Dengue fever and chikungunya are no joke! I’m heading to French Polynesia and Tuamotus next month and the CDC has issued a warning of new outbreaks there😖 Kinda hard to completely protect yourself from those nasty mosquitos!
    Hope your recovery is quick and no further relapses. We’ll welcome you back at Fairwind for some Channel Island adventures😉

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