Bazaruto, Arriving at the Right Time

One of the tricky things about sailing a passage is arriving at the right time. It's not as easy as you would think. Especially when you are traveling under sail, powered by the wind, which may or not be a constant thing. In fact, most of the time it is not. You could end up … Continue reading Bazaruto, Arriving at the Right Time

Sailing the Mozambique Channel

It's 930 pm on Tuesday night. We've been waiting out a storm for the past few days and intended to leave the anchorage tomorrow morning, but after checking the weather this morning we decided to go today. The wind is blowing hard. It's dark out. I'm sitting alone in the cockpit. Everybody else is sleeping … Continue reading Sailing the Mozambique Channel

A Visit to Isla Casurina

Yesterday was a great day. We are still at anchor here, sitting behind the shelter of the small island nearby, Isla Casurina. When we landed the day before, I said I was going to swim ashore and see the island, or what looked to be little more than a large sandbar with some trees and … Continue reading A Visit to Isla Casurina

Arrived Safe and Sound in Mozambique

We spent the last 3 days sailing from Baly Bay, Madagascar, to Ilha Casurina, Mozambique. It's really just a small island off the coast of Madagascar that has an anchorage and gives us a little bit of protection from the storm that has been blowing now for 24 hours. The channel between Mozambique and Madagascar … Continue reading Arrived Safe and Sound in Mozambique

Is Minimalism Something That Can Save Our Planet?

Have you ever wondered what all this talk is about being a minimalist?   Downsizing, tiny homes, van life, all of these movements are spawning off of people being tired of the typical consumerism lie that that's been taught to them for generations.   Happiness only comes from having more stuff and bigger houses and … Continue reading Is Minimalism Something That Can Save Our Planet?