Welcome to my site! I’ve had other blogs before, but decided it was time to start a new one. Especially in light of all the Living Large by Living Little I’ve been doing over the past 3 or 4 years.

In 2014 I lived in a 4 bedroom house in Ventura, California.  In the beginning of 2015 I moved into a tent trailer and lived in that space for about 17 months, traveling around the US while working as a computer consultant. I called it my “dry run” because I really wanted something else; I wanted to SAIL! I felt that living in a small space like a tent trailer would help prepare me for living on a boat, or at least tell me if I hated it or not. I ended up loving it and in June of 2016 flew to Spain and lived on sailboats for 3 months pursuing my YachtMaster Offshore Certificate, which started my journey in earnest!

Come along with me as I share more details about my journey and discuss Living Little at Large!!  I’m currently writing this from Reunion, an island just east of Madagascar, on a sailboat, and it’s August of 2018!  You could say I’ve come a ways from living in my tent trailer in 2015!