In 2014 I lived in a 4 bedroom house in Ventura, California.  In the beginning of 2015 I moved into a tent trailer and lived in that space for about 17 months, traveling around the US while working as a computer consultant. I called it my “dry run” because I really wanted something else; I wanted to SAIL! I felt that living in a small space like a tent trailer would help prepare me for living on a boat, or at least tell me if I hated it or not. I ended up loving it and in June of 2016 flew to Spain and lived on sailboats for 3 months pursuing my YachtMaster Offshore Certificate, which started my journey in earnest!

From there I started crewing around the world to gain more experience sailing, and along the way I decided it would be a great idea to circumnavigate by crewing or what I call, Global Hitchhiking.   I’ve been on 5 different boats in the past 2 years and have been to all kinds of countries.   I was in Malaysia for 6 months and traveled to several places in Asia while I was there.   Since May, 2018 I have been crossing the Indian Ocean on a 43 foot boat, with 2 Canadians.   We are now in Namibia and preparing to cross the Atlantic.

Come along with me as I share more details about my journey and discuss my experiences with Sailing, Travel, Global HitchHiking, learning to live in smaller ways and Minimalism, Ocean Travel, Scuba Diving, and other ideas around this lifestyle.   I’m currently writing this from Luderitz, Namibia, the country just NW of South Africa, and it’s February, 2019!  You could say I’ve come a ways from living in my tent trailer in 2015!

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