Pirate Cemetery & Ile aux Nattes

What a great day we had today.  We slept in a little on the boat and decided we better do something today so we went to the Pirate Cemetery.  Brian loves everything there is about pirates, so it’s no surprise we needed to go there before we left.   We took the dingy into the small island that houses the customs office and started walking towards the location for the Pirate Cemetery ticket office.  Here are some things we saw along the way.

We purchased our tickets for 15,000 Ariary and waited for our guide before we started walking towards the cemetary.    It was a nice walk and we saw lots of great things en route.   These 3 kids were probably my favorite shots of the day.

We continued along a path that was a dirt road and came upon a football match, complete with fans and excitement.  We also, in addition to the official guide we paid for, picked up a couple of volunteer guides who decided to join us for the walk to the cemetery and back.   They were self entertaining and helpful.

The dirt roaded ended and we entered a swampy area that was paved with rocks, a bit of a challenge to walk along as it wasn’t very smooth.   We got past that and walked up a hill and then we were in the cemetery.     There among the tombstones of many ordinary pirates was Captain William Kidd, the most popular of all of them.  Well, actually, he wasn’t really buried there, but there was a memorial for him.

Ile Aux Nattes

After exhausting the cemetery’s options and walking back to the main road, we decided to do as our guide from the Jeep adventure, 3 days ago, suggested, and go to Ile Aux Nattes, a small island just off the southern coast of Ile St Marie.   We were told we would have to take a Tuk-Tuk to get there and a boat to ferry us across the small divide between the two islands.   We have heard that at low tide one can walk across, but we took the boat.   We ended up going over and eating lunch and then wandering around a bit before we had to head back.   We did see a couple of lemurs while we were there, the first we’ve seen thus far.   Apparently there are tons more where we’re going next week.   Here’s what it looks like on the bottom of the island via Google Maps and some other pics from the journey.

Tomorrow we plan to travel north for a few days, rounding the northern tip of Madagascar, and ending up in Nosy Be or somewhere along the way.   It should be about a  2-3 day sail.   As always, don’t forget to follow the adventure on email by subscribing, or you can follow me on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Path!

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