Southwestern Tour

Part of the reason I’m on this journey is an amazing little 2-week trip I took in my tent trailer back in 2013.  A friend and I decided to hit 10 Southwest National Parks in 12 days throughout California, Arizona, Utah, and Nevada.  It was a mad tour, but it was lots of fun and it really triggered my love of the open road and taking pictures of beautiful landscapes.  It also made me realize I could actually be doing my computer consulting while traveling.

A book I read in 2010 also pushed me towards where I am today: The 4-Hour Workweek by Tim Ferris .   I was already doing at least one of the things he promotes in his book.  I was working from home.  I haven’t been in an office, per se, since 1998, which has provided me with a lot of freedom and flexibility.  The only problem is I wasn’t really taking advantage of this freedom and flexibility, but just sitting in my home office, enjoying working in my underwear.  What I could be doing, which I realized from this trip, was traveling all over the US and enjoying new places and experiences while I worked.

So after I completed the journey above, I started thinking a lot about what I needed to do to actually start traveling while I worked.  I had a couple of set backs and it took me until 2015 until I actually took action on it, but I eventually moved into my tent trailer and I started traveling around the US.   And then I took another suggestion from his book.  I decided to go on a mini-retirement and travel around the globe on sailboats.  More of that to come in future blogs.

Here are some of the most memorable pics from that trip.   What inspires you to live more minimally?   Tell me about your minimalistic lifestyle choices and desires for travel and adventure.   I’d love to hear what you’re doing to live a more simple life.  Be sure to follow me above by email!

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