Saying Good-bye to Prince Diamond

We finally made it to Grenada about a week ago and it was always the plan to put Prince Diamond up on the hard.  I was with Prince Diamond and Brian and Carol for almost exactly a year.  We started our journey last year on May 5th in Darwin Australia and sailed across both the Indian Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean together.  It was a great journey and Brian and Carol were wonderful shipmates.  We had a lot of adventures together from snorkeling with whale sharks in Saint Helena to playing with lemurs in Madagascar.   Anchoring covertly in the Mozambique Islands and driving around the volcanic mountains of Reunion.  I’ll always remember my year with Prince Diamond, Brian Domander and Carol Letman.   Keep an eye on Brian’s Youtube Page, The Adventures of Prince Diamond, as he will continue posting them serially, and they are currently in Mauritius on the videos, so there’s lots of content coming up, all the way to Grenada.   Brian releases the videos every couple of weeks, but he’s a little less than a year behind in our journey.

Before Carol flew home to Toronto, we did a bit of car-rental-cruising around Grenada. Here are some pictures from that experience.   We went to the North-east of the island, stopping at the oldest rum distillery in the West Indies and then went to a cocao/chocolate plantation called Belmont Estates, where we got a tour of the chocolate making process as well as a delicious buffet lunch.   We drove around this beautiful islands and waved at the friendly people here.

Driving on the island is quite dicey.  The roads tend to be narrow and the drivers quite agressive.  However, I was up to the challenge and although there were a few times where I wanted to close my eyes as I squeezed the car between a 3 foot drop off on the left and a big van on the right, I haven’t had any accidents or been run off the road.

We put the boat up on the hard as Brian has a number of projects he needs to work on before he sells the boat.  He’ll be here for another month working on those projects.  If anybody is interested in buying a Beneteau 423 that has a proven track record, circumnavigating the globe, reach out to Brian at

Here are some pics of putting the boat put on the hard.

Here are some pics of the River Antoine Rum Distillery we visited.  It was Labor Day here so everything was closed, but they didn’t mind if we walked around the premises and took pictures.

And finally we went to the Belmont Estates which was a cocoa/chocolate factory.  They gave us a really cool tour of the process, from fermenting the cocoa beans to drying them, seperating them, winnowing, etc.   And the chocolate was so good!

New Boat

I am now on a new boat, called Windbird, with Sam and Dawn Weigel and their dog, Piper.  Their blog is found here: Weigels On The Water.   In a few days I will be sailing with them from Grenada to Bonaire, roughly a 3-4 day passage.

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3 thoughts on “Saying Good-bye to Prince Diamond

  1. Your boat photos remind me of the times we have dry berthed our boat for various maintenance and other reasons. You really are living the dream. Happy roaming! And thank you so much for the follow

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