What I’ve Been Doing Since My Circumnavigation

I’ve been quite busy since I left Panama after completing my circumnavigation. In fact, I flew home to California, but have driven to Montreal and back since then. Here’s some of the things I’ve been doing.

I left Panama on August 25th and flew home to Ventura, California. I spent time with friends and family members and got a bunch of stuff done. I got my truck and tent trailer out of storage, bought a new battery for my truck, purchased insurance and took it to the DMV. The DMV required a SMOG test, which was a 2 day process since my truck had been sitting for so long and it didn’t have any historical data for the test. All in all it was a 3 day gauntlet of running around, but I finally got it all completed.

An inside view of my tent trailer, not set up.

Next I drove to Bakersfield and spent some time with my dad and other family members that live there. It was a nice visit and I was able to share some of my stories there with them.

A few days later I drove to Utah to spend time with my adult kids. The drive to Utah was a long day but the scenery was familiar and beautiful. Here are some pics from the road. I call this Ninja Photography since I am simply taking shots from the cockpit or I mean behind the wheel. Sorry, old habits.

In Utah, I ended up staying with my best friend, Del, and his wife Julia and I spent time with my adult kids when they were available. We ended up going camping together in the tent trailer. Our spot ended up being about 10-15 miles west of Eagle Mountain, on a hillside on BLM land and there was nobody else around us that night. It was called Sunshine Valley and it lived up to its name.

From there I drove west to Colorado, where I stayed with some friends in some National Forest lands, where they stay for free in their RV. Their view was to die for!

Next time I’ll continue on with my journey from Colorado to Indiana, on to Toronto and Montreal. Until then, thanks for following along on my journey. Please subscribe for updates! ¬†WordPress does update my Living Large by Living Little, Facebook page, so you can either like it to get updates, or subscribe by email at the link below, or you can follow me at the following places: LinkedIn, Twitter,¬†Instagram.

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