Adventures In Happiness

About a week ago I was on Facebook and I got a message from a group I’m in, Ocean Nomads, run by a really awesome person, Suzanne Van Der Veeken.  She also runs a website, called The OceanPreneur.   She is a force of nature and is involved in so many things I don’t even know where to start. I will tell you she loves the ocean and wants to do anything and everything to help save it for future generations.  Take a look at her site.  You’ll be amazed like me.

Suzanne posted a request, asking us to check in, telling the group what we were up to, where in the world we were, what projects we were working on.   So I responded with my usual reply of, “I’m in Reunion on a boat, studying for an exam, and enjoying life.”

The next guy who replied, John Alex Clark, stated, “Busy marketing a book and running my own gardening / landscape business saving up for the next adventure.”  I thought, that’s interesting, I’m working on a book right now, too!  I got curious what his book was about and how he was marketing it.

I jumped over to his site and saw it was a book called, Adventure in Happiness.   As I dug deeper into his book and his website, I started to realize that he has written a book very similar to the kind of book I am working on.  He was gone for 3 years after he left his job and has been traveling around the world.   He’s also been to many of the same places I’ve been to.  In fact, the first town he headed to, Tarifa Spain, was a place I got stranded in with battery issues in 2016 during my sailing course. I’ve also spent some time in Morocco, like him.  It was interesting see the connections as I looked into his book and story.  Here are a few pics from my experience in Tarifa.


Well, of course, I bought his book on my kindle and read it and it’s a great read!   And, I realized from looking at his website/blog, that I too would need a blog to properly market my book(s) in the future.

Two days later I went to WordPress, created this blog, and voila, the rest, you could say is history!   You’re currently reading a product that was inspired in part by John’s website, book, and story, so I’m dedicating this post to my friend, John, and thanking him for inspiring me to get off my duff and build a blog.

If you want to get a copy of his book, just click on the link below.  You won’t be disappointed!  As always, to make sure you get the latest posts and updates, follow by email above or below.  Or you can also follow me on Facebook, TumblrTwitter, Google+, and Path!

4 thoughts on “Adventures In Happiness

    1. You’re welcome, John. I owe you for getting me going. Let me know if you need any info about crewing. I was in Bonaire for 2 months in 2017. I wish I had taken the time to windsurf there. Was busy getting my DiveMaster.


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