Gondwana Canyon Village, A Beautiful Setting in the Gondwana Collective.

After we left the Fish River Valley, we stayed in the Gondwana Collective or the Gondwana National Park and went to a resort that was close by called the Gondwana Canyon Village.  It had a bunch of huts with air-conditioning, a pool, and a restaurant.  It was a little on the pricey side, but most of the resorts that are in these parks, are pricey. For the price, I expected more, but it was adequate.    What was more than adequate, however, was the sky that mother nature had in store for us that night.

We were told when we arrived that there was a sunset walk at 6:30, so all 3 of us showed up and started walking.  They gave us a tour of some of the local plant life and showed us evidence of the animal wild life that was there.   There was a hole, that was around 8 inches across with a bunch of dirt thrown about it, that one of the other guests went to investigate, and the guide told him not to go up to the front of the hole like that, for it was a warthog hole.  When someone comes up to the front of one of those, they like to come up with their razor sharp tusks and try to slice and gouge your ankles or wherever they can reach.   Fair warning.  Avoid large holes in the desert, or at least come up behind them rather than in front of them.

We also saw these little hyraxes all over the place.  I would have thought that they were the ones who occupied the hole described above, but not in this case.  These guys reminded us of squirrels that we have back home as they were not afraid of humans and loved to eat the grass next to the swimming pool.  They also reminded me of groundhogs.


I saw this little bird and wondered how hard life was for him in the Namibian desert.  I suppose there is no shortage of small things for it to eat.   For example the seeds off of these cacti.

There were oryx and springbok around us as well, although only the oryx are pictured here.    We were told that the male springbok leave their tirds in a tight concentric pile, whereas the females leave theirs in a line.   No idea how they figured that out, but it was interesting.


But the main attraction for the night was truly the sky around us.  From the moment we arrived it captured our attention.  And continued doing so until the sun set that evening. Here are a number of captures of the beauty that surrounded us.

The resort was nice, but it was mother nature who really gave us the treat that night.  We ended up eating a nice buffet meal after our sunset walk and retired early.   The next morning we got up and drove back to Luderitz with our guide and continued to be surprised by the beautiful nature around us.   I posted some of those pictures in an earlier post, found by clicking here.

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5 thoughts on “Gondwana Canyon Village, A Beautiful Setting in the Gondwana Collective.

  1. Wow- what mind-blowing beauty! I would just lay down and stare at the sky! But Matt-you should post pics of the food as well! What did they offer in that buffet??

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