Gondwana National Park and the Fish River Valley, Grand Canyon – II

This is Part 3 of a day tour of Namibia.  To see the previous days, go here:  Day 1 & Day 2

After we left the Canyon RoadHouse, we traveled the 20 additional kilometers into the Fish River Valley.   The Fish River Valley is the 2nd largest canyon in the world, after the Grand Canyon.  Think Grand Canyon, Part II.   It has many of the same type of views you would see at the Grand Canyon, although having been there in the last 5 years, a lot less trees.    I’m not sure how to do this other than just dump all the pictures here so you can check it out yourself.   You know, the Grand Canyon has some spectacular views, and it’s really nice at sunrise and sunset, but other than that it’s just a lot of dirt and rocks and a big canyon in the middle.   That’s pretty much what this was.  So if it seems mundane, don’t blame me, blame the geography.   To quote Peter Urmston from The Examples, a band in the 80s from Bakersfield, California, “The Grand Canyon Sucks!”

Oh and at the very end, you’ll see a picture of the only zebra we saw all day in the Godswana National Park.  Rudy, our guide, kept telling us about how the zebras walk to the bottom of the canyon when they are thirsty, to get to the water, but we didn’t see any all day, until we were heading to our lodgings that night.

Next up, a report on the lodgings we stayed at and a bunch of great pictures of the surrounding areas.   As always, thanks for following along on the adventure and don’t forget to follow the adventure on email by subscribing, or you can follow me on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, Instagram.


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