Getting behind on the blogging

I’m pretty sure almost everybody goes through a phase in their blogging where they get a little burned out and just stop blogging.   That’s where I was a month or so ago when I arrived in South Africa.  It’s ironic, since there was so much I was seeing and doing that I just stopped blogging about it for a bit.  I lost the motivation to share and decided to just enjoy it.

Then, a few weeks ago, my brother passed away and I made a mad dash to California to attend his funeral.  It was a whirlwind two-week trip.   I spent a week at my dad’s house in Bakersfield and then another week up in Utah with my kids.   Then another dash back to LA to return the rental car, take care of some things in Ventura, and return to South Africa to continue the journey.

While in Ventura, I decided to clean up some of my stuff in my storage unit and see if I could get it into a 5X5 rather than a 5X10.   I realized that I am not quite ready to let go of some of my “stuff” there.  I may have to hire a professional to assist me in this process.   I kept thinking in my mind, “I’ll probably want that art work when I do something, housing-wise, in the future.”   “I don’t even know if those pants fit me anymore, it would be a shame to throw them out if they do!”  And on and on…  In the end I eliminated about 2 bins worth of stuff and then divided them in between the smaller storage unit and the back of my truck, which is also in storage and has a shell over it.  I also eliminated 2 larger items, the box spring base for my temperpedic mattress and my computer chair, which was pretty worn out.    If you remember, Ventura had a pretty big fire last year, and most of my stuff was covered in a decent amount of dust and ash from that horrible event.    I guess I’m sharing this with you because I realized I still have some work to do in my minimalistic living. When I get back from my circumnavigation I may be making an appointment with someone who can help me go through my stuff and eliminate a bunch of it.

I’ll be trying to catch you up on the things I’ve been doing here in South Africa during the coming weeks.   And in a couple days, we will be leaving South Africa, heading to Namibia, and then on to Ascension, St Helena, and Brazil!    Things are coming!

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2 thoughts on “Getting behind on the blogging

  1. What a whirlwind.
    I hope my comment about getting rid of the monkey suit and getting back on board was not inappropriate. I meant it to be lite and slightly whimsical in the face of your sad visit back here to Cali.
    All aspects of your circumnavigation are near and dear to my heart as I started this journey when I was 17 and instead ended up shipwrecked on an uninhabited atoll for 11 1/2 months. This ended my circumnavigation for several reasons. The enormous storm that left us shipwrecked and the fact that I got pregnant and all that followed didnt allow for me to continue my adventure. That’s why I am so enjoying yours although it’s a very different world today then 40+ years ago.

    Praying for your safe passages and excited for you and all that’s ahead.
    Smiles, Cat

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    1. I know you always have the best intentions for me dear friend. I love hearing from you and I didn’t take what you said in my other way than you meant it. I would love for you to finish your circumnavigation.


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