Whale Shark Video Is Here!

When we were in St Helena we went whale shark snorkeling and the internet was horrible there, so I promised I would share the video some time in the future.  The future is now!   I hope you enjoy this video.  It blew me away.  I’ll try to add more as I get them uploaded, but wanted to get this one uploaded and shared since it was the first one I shot.   Prepare to be blown away.



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6 thoughts on “Whale Shark Video Is Here!

  1. WOW. So cool. About how large are these sharks? When the other swimmer was in the shot it gave a bit of a size comparison, but what is your best guess? Also, any trepidation as you got so close? Great video. Thanks.

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    1. The whale sharks were 20-30 feet long, at least. But they were very docile and happy to have us there swimming by them and taking video.


    1. Cool, I hope you get to see them. It took me 2-3 years to see these ones, even though I went to known places for seeing them.


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