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Changing Your Perspective Through Travel

It is interesting to me the perspective changes I have had over the past couple of years as I have traveled around the world. Don't get me wrong, I've been traveling since I was a kid. My family moved from Arizona to England for 4 years when I was 5, then to California and I… Continue reading Changing Your Perspective Through Travel

Adventure, Crewing, Global Hitchhiking, Sailing, Tourism, Travel

Moving On From Bazaruto, Mozambique

We enjoyed out stay in Bazaruto, but a weather window opened up going south, so we decided to take it. We got on the road today around 1 pm, sailing and motoring through the rest of the chain of islands near Bazaruto, eventually coming out into the ocean. There were a few dicey moments where… Continue reading Moving On From Bazaruto, Mozambique