Ocean Images: Many More To Come

Decided to share some of the images I have in my collection in an article on Medium. They are examples of what I saw as I circumnavigated the globe. I hope you like them. https://medium.com/@mraymus/ocean-shots-images-from-circumnavigating-the-globe-cb70198f9903?source=friends_link&sk=f380afb8afc739f45c9a327b31622c92 If you can't get to the link shared above, try this one: https://medium.com/@mraymus/ocean-shots-images-from-circumnavigating-the-globe-cb70198f9903?source=friends_link&sk=f380afb8afc739f45c9a327b31622c92 Thanks for following along on the adventure. … Continue reading Ocean Images: Many More To Come

Kerou, French Guiana, Devil’s Island Triangle, and Heading Towards Grenada

We spent several days in Kerou, French Guiana, a wonderful little town with loads of personality, a beautiful daily fresh market, warm and friendly people, and many delicious restaurants to choose from. It turns out that they speak French and Creole here. For those of you who don't know, I speak French and Creole fluently, … Continue reading Kerou, French Guiana, Devil’s Island Triangle, and Heading Towards Grenada

Update from the Infirmary

There have been a few times over the past week where I've said to myself, "I'm never going sailing again!" I know, not what you'd typically hear from my thoughts on sailing. I've been sick over the past 3 years while sailing, but I've never experienced Dingue Fever and sailing before and it is a … Continue reading Update from the Infirmary

Ilha Dos Lencois and Dengue Fever!

We arrived at Ilha dos Lencois a couple of days ago. It's quite a cool little place to come escape the weather and just chill in a sea river, giving us a break from the nightly watches for a couple of days. We came in and the dept was about 3-4 meters, and this is … Continue reading Ilha Dos Lencois and Dengue Fever!

Sunrises and Sunsets

When you're at sea for weeks, and you see nothing but clouds and water and sky and read an occasional book, you often talk about the climaxes rather than the duldroms, which we happen to be in right now. The wind has all but ceased with a little less than 300 miles left to go … Continue reading Sunrises and Sunsets

Whales and Sails, My Friends, Whales and Sails!

We've had a nice couple of days since I last posted. If you're new here, I'm currently on a sailboat, crossing the Atlantic and our only internet connection is a satellite phone which we have elected to sync every other day. So the last time I connected was 2 days ago. I've had a couple … Continue reading Whales and Sails, My Friends, Whales and Sails!

Moon Shadows, Moon Shadows

In my last blog post I talked about spending too much time looking at your wake or your past. Something else is causing me to look over the back of the boat. It's 11 pm here and I was looking at the huge moon coming up behind us. I'm being followed by a moon shadow. … Continue reading Moon Shadows, Moon Shadows

Battery Check, Position Check, Prose Check!

It appears that the battery problems we’ve been having on Prince Diamond have been solved! Brian had been communicating with a guy in Cabadelo, Brazil, to arrange the purchase of new batteries, since the ones we had seemed to be performing so badly. The guy sent him dimensions of the new batteries and prices and … Continue reading Battery Check, Position Check, Prose Check!

Sailing Towards Brazil from St Helena

The past couple of days we’ve been making consistent headway towards Brazil. The wind has been lacking at times, but for the most part between the asymmetrical spinnaker and the large genoa, we’ve had enough to continue our progress. We are still experiencing battery problems and have continued each evening without AIS or GPS Plotter … Continue reading Sailing Towards Brazil from St Helena