Update from the Infirmary

There have been a few times over the past week where I've said to myself, "I'm never going sailing again!" I know, not what you'd typically hear from my thoughts on sailing. I've been sick over the past 3 years while sailing, but I've never experienced Dingue Fever and sailing before and it is a … Continue reading Update from the Infirmary

Jacare, Brazil, A Great Place to Visit

I spent the last week in Brazil. The original spot we were headed for was Cabadelo, which is at the mouth of a large river that goes inland quite a ways. Where we ended up staying was actually a town called Jacare, and we stayed at the Jacare Marina Village. It was a nice marina … Continue reading Jacare, Brazil, A Great Place to Visit

Sunrises and Sunsets

When you're at sea for weeks, and you see nothing but clouds and water and sky and read an occasional book, you often talk about the climaxes rather than the duldroms, which we happen to be in right now. The wind has all but ceased with a little less than 300 miles left to go … Continue reading Sunrises and Sunsets

Whales and Sails, My Friends, Whales and Sails!

We've had a nice couple of days since I last posted. If you're new here, I'm currently on a sailboat, crossing the Atlantic and our only internet connection is a satellite phone which we have elected to sync every other day. So the last time I connected was 2 days ago. I've had a couple … Continue reading Whales and Sails, My Friends, Whales and Sails!

Moon Shadows, Moon Shadows

In my last blog post I talked about spending too much time looking at your wake or your past. Something else is causing me to look over the back of the boat. It's 11 pm here and I was looking at the huge moon coming up behind us. I'm being followed by a moon shadow. … Continue reading Moon Shadows, Moon Shadows