Heading West Across the Atlantic

I woke up this morning and realized that today is the day we’ll be heading across the Atlantic!   I have been waiting and looking forward to this day for months.   I can hardly wait to get started!

We will be sailing for about 2 weeks to get to St Helena, a small island in the middle of the Atlanic where the resources and Internet appear to be scarce and expensive.   After hearing reports about how challenging it can be there to get cash because there are no ATMs and how expensive everything is, we went back to the supermarket yesterday and bought some additional food, assuming that we may be eating on the boat for at least a month.

After that, we’ll head north to another island, called Ascension for a brief visit.  Then we’ll head west from there to Brazil.  It’s looking like it will be about a month of passage, give or take a few days, depending on weather, wind, and how much we spend at each of those islands.  I’ll be updating the blog via email, and there won’t be any pictures, just tales of the adventure.

Here’s a map of where we’re heading, although google maps seems to have been a little confused about the location of St Helana.  It’s a little more to the north than shown here.


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