Sailing from Namibia to St Helena, March 10th

I can honestly say this morning that I’m tired of sailing on this passage. It’s been a nice passage for the most part, but the past couple of days the constant back and forth of the boat has started to wear on me. The wind has been consistently behind us almost the entire trip and swells have been consistently coming under us and causing the boat to rock back and forth in random patterns. It has been impacting my sleep and for some reason my arms are aching and I have a backache. I need a massage and a jacuzzi, stat!

No new updates on the battery situation other than everything is fine, just a little inconvenient, as stated in my last blog. RVing on the water!

We are now about 100 miles from St Helena and should be arriving tomorrow (Monday) morning, so the end is in site. One more late night shift to go! I am looking forward to being in St Helena if for nothing else, a break from the shifts and patterns of the passage. We need a break, which is why we decided to stop here rather than going straight through to Brazil. I’m also looking forward to the 699 step cliff that used to be the only way out of town. More to come on that.

I’ve been spending my time during the day watching movies and playing with Audacity, the music recording app on my laptop, trying to get some songs recorded. It’s been fun, especially since you can hear the water sounds that surround my vberth in the recordings. It reminds me of something I wrote last year as I was traveling across the pacific.

Swish, swirl, slush, shwee
That’s the sound of the water ’round me
As I float along the ocean deep
With winds I sail and time I keep
Sailing on to lands I see
Brand new places, new for me
My love she waits for me at home
She loves me as the world I roam
Sailing t’wards the distant shore
Arriving, and then wanting more
Swish, swirl, slush, shwee
That’s the sound of the water ’round me

Not going to win any awards with that one, but it definitely captured a moment as I was sailing toward the Marquesas and I was out on watch by myself just listening to the water around me.

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