Leaving Namibia and On Passage to St Helena

We saw a number of nice things on passage between Namibia and St Helena.   I was able to share with you in text, those things that I was experiencing, but I also wanted to show you some of the things we experienced.

As we were leaving Walvis Bay, we saw a number of larger vessels in the bay that were quite fascinating.  There were a number of what appeared to be fishing vessels that were lined up and waiting for something.   Also there was this larger group of vessels that looked like a city block on water.   As we took pictures of it from the side, it looked like one ship, but as we came up beside it,  it turned into 3 or 4 vessels tied together.   We also saw a few tankers.

Also, along the way, we saw a lot of great sunsets and sunrises.  Here are some of my favorite sunrise pics.

It was a nice passage other than the constant rolling of the ship that caused us to be fatigued more than we would have liked.

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