Sailing Towards Brazil from St Helena

The past couple of days we’ve been making consistent headway towards Brazil. The wind has been lacking at times, but for the most part between the asymmetrical spinnaker and the large genoa, we’ve had enough to continue our progress. We are still experiencing battery problems and have continued each evening without AIS or GPS Plotter for navigation and have been using our auto-pilot to head in the direction plotted out for us. Basically, as soon as the sun goes down and we no longer have charging power from the sun on our solar panels, the plotter starts turning itself off so we just leave it off and head in the last direction it was on before it lost power.

Today we have been using the Sailing on Wind feature of our auto-pilot. You can either use the auto-pilot to go to a specific heading, such as 328 degrees, or you can tell it to use the current wind settings and it will keep the boat headed into the direction dictated by the wind. The wind predictions we have downloaded for the past few days are not expected to change. Armed with that information, we know that the wind will continue blowing in the same direction and we can just tell the auto-pilot to use the wind as direction rather than a specific heading. That way, our sail stays filled with the wind and we don’t have to worry about changing its configuration. We still check our course periodically to make sure the sail on wind feature is heading us in the right direction and it hasn’t changed in the 4 hours I’ve been on watch.

Life on the boat continues normally. We have been watching movies and reading our kindles and playing games. We all have our favorite ones. Carol likes to play Wordscapes and Gummy-something and Brian plays Spider Solitaire. I mostly play Wordscapes and I was playing Sniper 3D, but I’ve been playing it offline for so long that when I tried updating it in St Helena it started acting weird, so I probably won’t play that anymore until I get internet. I’ve been watching a lot of great movies lately. Imitation Game, Oceans 11, 12, and 13, The Martian, Pleasantville, Stranger Than Fiction, Gone Girl, the 2 Elizabeth movies with Cate Blanchett, Stone of Destiny. Honestly, I could write reviews of most of them, but probably won’t in my blog. I loved all of these movies for different reasons. I also have started reading Origin, by Dan Brown on my kindle and recently I read Night Circus, Kushiel’s Avatar, and Adrift, which I’ve talked about before on here.

I’ve been playing around with Audacity, a recording software app, recording some guitar and vocals. It all has water sounds in the background, which I actually like. Today I brought my laptop up on deck to try and record water sounds unfiltered, since all the water sounds before came from within the vberth where I was recording. Unfortunately, something is wrong with the way it is being recorded as there appears to be a lot of weird noises coming out in the recording. I’ll continue working on that. I have plans to record several water-based songs I have written as I’ve traveled along.

Tonight as I came on the midnight shift, there was a fishing boat off to our port, a few miles away. It is the first boat we have seen in days. It never got closer than a few miles but we kept an eye on it especially since we’re traveling without AIS at night so they wouldn’t be able to see us on their computers, but only visually because of our navigation lights. Lucky for us, we have seen so few boats and it hasn’t really been a problem.

Our current position is 12 22.50 South, 12 27.55 West.

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