Ilha Dos Lencois and Dengue Fever!

We arrived at Ilha dos Lencois a couple of days ago. It’s quite a cool little place to come escape the weather and just chill in a sea river, giving us a break from the nightly watches for a couple of days. We came in and the dept was about 3-4 meters, and this is at high tide. We were concerned for a bit that we might not find anything deeper, but eventually we did. On both sides as we motored in, there were lots of trees, sand dunes, white herons, and brightly colored orange birds. Eventually we came to a spot where there was a huge sand dune, similar to what we saw in Basaruto in Mozambique. Shortly after seeing this sand dune, we saw another sailboat, so we knew were on the right track. Eventually the depth increased to around 8-10 meters and we dropped anchor just past the other sailboat and we could see small villages on both sides of the river. We could also see the ocean waves crashing straight ahead of us, in between the villages, but we know that we can’t go out that way. It gets too shallow, so we’ll have to go back the way we came. But now that we’ve been through the river, as long as we leave at high tide, we know we can go much faster since we experienced no depth issues coming in. We’ll just follow the same track we followed coming in, which is saved in our GPS plotter.

As we were arriving to our anchorage, I started feeling under the weather. It initially felt like a bit of sea sickness when I woke up, but soon turned into something else. We are all convinced that I have dingue fever, as I’ve had a fever and body/muscle aches off and on for the past 2 days and have basically been in bed since arriving. I have been taking tylenol every 6 hours to deal with the pain and the fever which seems to help, but I’m tired of being sick and bummed that I got sick as soon as we arrived. Cabadelo had tons of mosquitos and other biting insects and I got bit all to hell while I was there. I’m sure that’s where I got the dingue fever. We even asked the proprietor of the marina about malaria and he said no malaria, but there is dingue fever.

We leave today at high tide and will be continuing on to French Guyana which is about a 4 day passage from here. Our current position is 1°19’5″ South 44°53’16” West.

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3 thoughts on “Ilha Dos Lencois and Dengue Fever!

  1. You are going back out to sea with Dengue Fever?! Hydration is super important. I wish I had sent you with a homeopathic kit which would help (a lot) with what you are dealing with right now. My daughter and her husband got chikungunya, also from mosquitoes. It is not as terrible as dengue but last longer – typically 30 days. In 7 days both she and her husband were 100% better using homeopathy and no residual joint pain, which is common. It relieves the suffering and assists the immune system. I have high empathy for you and am sorry I didn’t think to give you this when you were in the states last.

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    1. Thanks Kim. Unfortunately it wouldn’t have been any better at anchor without services. It was just a small fishing town and we didn’t even get off the boat there.


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