Heading West to Africa!

This is my first attempt at emailing a blog post. We’ve been traveling south in Madagascar, trying to get to a jumping off point, where we’ll head west to the Mozambique Channel and then south from there. We’ve stopped at a number of anchorages along the way and have enjoyed our time traveling slowly down the coast.

A few days ago we were in Marumba Bay where we had an extremely peaceful anchorage. We also went ashore there and visited some villagers and saw some more lemurs while we were there. Unfortunately, the satellite phone doesn’t support sending pictures along with this email, so no pictures will be coming along with this blog post. I’ll try to add some later.

We are now heading west to Africa. We originally had planned to head southwest from here, but we downloaded some weather files last night and a storm is coming through on the 21st and our original plan would have had us heading straight through the storm. We are instead heading due west from here and then will head south and try to find an island to anchor behind to weather the storm. I’m glad for this change of plans as we were also considering waiting for the storm to pass here, which would have delayed our plans a week and possibly caused us to run out of provisions.

I’ll be fishing today, hopefully catching something to help replenish the stores.

Thanks for following along. Will try to post updates like this until I get internet back. Our current position is 15 57 S 45 18 E. Please follow along by subscribing and also comment below if you have something to add.


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