Rock & Rolling, Waiting for the Storm

As we sit here in the bay of Alhaca Island, Mozambique, waiting for the storm to come thru and ravish the ocean around us, (but hopefully more so out there, than in here) we are rocking and rolling. We anchored in 7 meters of depth and put out all of our 60 meters of chain and the massive 80 Lb Manson (yes, just like Charles Manson) anchor, but as I mentioned in my last post, this isn’t the best anchorage. It’s not the worst either, but the only storm break to the east of us is a coral reef. Which means we are subject to some of the swells coming into this little bay. There is a large peninsula sticking out to protect us from the southern winds, which is what is most important, but our boat is rocking back and forth from the swells coming over the coral reef. Something tells me it’s going to be a long weekend. It’s Wednesday and it’s looking like we’ll be stuck in this anchorage until Monday.

As trick o treaters and sexy-costumed women everywhere consider their costumes for the night, we’ll be listening to the wind howl around us in terror and watching Dr. Zhivago. Brian and Carol have decided they must introduce me to the classics of David Lean. A few days ago we finished Lawrence of Arabia. Any movies that have an Overture AND an Intermission make me feel very scared on this Halloween night. Even though the movies are a little over dramatic, they’re actually quite good.

So the order of the day over the next several days will be reading, writing, watching movies and old TV Series, and maybe some card playing. I expect some gin rummy in my future.

Thanks for following along on the journey.


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