False Bay

We arrived in False Bay, South Africa today. It’s a beautiful place surrounded by mountains. It got it’s name some 300 years ago because sailors confused it when coming back from India for Table Cape which is where Cape Town lies. They would come in here by mistake and that’s when they started calling it False Bay.

We pulled into a slip on the Z dock and it was a little challenging because of the wind that likes to blow off these tall surrounding mountains. We wanted to come in Mediterranean style but because of the wind, had to go in bow-first.

We arrived after office hours for the marina, but after asking around, found we could get in and out of the marina by talking to the security guard. He gave us FOBs for the gate and we set out to find a place to eat.

It’s an idyllic little town and harbor. The town here is actually called Simon’s Town. The only challenge for us will be the wind. Here some pics I snapped as we walked to find a restaurant.

We’ll be here a few days before we head on to Cape Town. I’m sure I’ll be posting more about this place.

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