Rounding Cape Agulhas

We left Mossel Bay, South Africa, yesterday morning. I’ll be posting more about Mossel Bay in the future, but wanted to capture a moment with you today, that of rounding Cape Agulhas.

I assumed when I was crossing the southernmost point of Africa, that I would have rounded the Cape of Good Hope. But, thanks to Wikipedia, I was wrong. The southernmost tip of Africa is called Cape Agulhas and sailors know this name as much for this point as they do the same-named current that runs along the coast of Madagascar and South Africa. We have ridden that current many times on our journey down the coast of South Africa. At times the Agulhas Current has added 4 and 5 knots to our typical sailing speed, getting us up to 9 and 10 knots per hour.

I was on the morning watch from 4-8 AM and when I came on shift the sun was just starting to come up. Out of the cloudy horizon rose the most unusual looking ship I’ve seen in weeks. It almost looked like a big church from the distance. I captured a few shots which I’ll include here:

The Cape of Good Hope IS coming up on our journey. ┬áIt’s technically the peninsula between False Bay and Cape Town and we should be crossing it in the next week or so. Thanks for following along in the adventure. Subscribe to follow by email or follow on Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, Google+, or Instagram!


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