Sailing from Namibia to St Helena, March 6th

March 6th, 2019
Wow, what a difference a day makes! The last couple days have been overcast and gloomy. Today has been sunny and warm. We’ve been chugging along on our genoa, but the wind has dropped off quite a bit. So we broke out the spinnaker. Brian has a huge, beautiful spinnaker with his insignia on it and it is so nice to sail with it because it is bigger than the genoa, and much lighter than the genoa, so it tends to use lighter winds much more efficiently. We only took it down when it got dark because there are supposed to be some stronger winds tonight and we didn’t want to have to scramble to take it down at 2am when the wind picks back up.

Last night was cold and misty? Tonight, it’s just after midnight here, and I’m out in my tshirt and shorts and I don’t feel cold at all. I’m hoping this is a trend as we continue moving north towards the equator. It means I may have to run my fan in the vberth, but I love being out in the cockpit at night, enjoying the warm breeze, listening to the ocean as it rolls by, and just being one with the ocean.

I watched a couple of great movies today. 1st was Michael Moore’s movie, Where To Invade Next. Great movie, although it really made me realize how hard it has become to live in the US compared to 20-30 years ago, and ironically, it showcases a bunch of things about other countries that they stole from us! For example, Finland’s education is the best system in the world. They used to be on par with us back in the 60s, but they decided to change it and now they’re number 1 and we are number 29. In the movie it says that they got a lot of their ideas about education from the US. And so it goes on in country to country. Did you know that the average Italian person has up to 8 weeks of PAID vacation every year? That doesn’t even count the federal and local holidays. And if you have a baby, you get 5 months of paid vacation? Company after company there has realized that if their employees aren’t happy, they aren’t productive. In fact, if someone starts getting stressed at work? Their employer pays for them to go to the spa for a week or two. Then it talks about healthcare and school lunches and ugh, so many things. I recommend everybody watching this movie, it’s enlightening.

I also re-watched Wild with Reese Witherspoon. This movie makes me want to hike the Pacific Coast Trail really badly when I get back. Too many trails, too many oceans, too many things to do with just 1 lifetime. How to prioritize it all and decide which ones to do? If you have tips on this, please share below. I just need another 100 years or so and I can do them all! I’ve also talked in the past about doing The Way, or the Camino Real, I think it’s called, in Spain. I’d love to hike that trail as well, although it doesn’t seem as strenuous as the PCT.

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