Final Day of Sailing Before Arriving in Nosy Be, Madagascar

The following pics were taken throughout the day as we traveled to Nosy Be.    I just noticed that the pics I loaded in my last post are suffering from some quality control issues, which I will try to rectify soon.  In the meantime, I hope you enjoy the following pics as you see and enjoy our surroundings.

And we finally arrived in Nosy Be around 5 pm and met up with our good friends from Brick House and walked into town to have a meal together.   I’m loving it here.  The people are super friendly and the food is decent at an inexpensive price.    So far, I have really enjoyed my time in Madagascar, and I haven’t really even hung out with the most cuddly things that are here!   I’m sure there will be posts from that coming soon. Stay tuned!   Right as we pulled into harbor, this old school fishing boat came into the harbor as the sun was low on the horizon.  Such a beautiful boat.

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