Morning thoughts in Cartagena

Sitting here in the Fishing Club Marina in Cartagena, Colombia. The sun is just coming up and you can hear things starting to happen. People starting to work. Birds starting to sing. And schools of fish are jumping all around the boat.

It’s like there are big balls of sardines jumping out of the water. When you first hear it, it sounds like someone turned a tap on full blast but you realize no water is running. Here. There. Over there. This big splash where sometimes hundreds of fish are being pushed out of the water by their swarm and fly through the air. And the pelicans and herons are going nuts. It’s almost as if they are afraid of the swarms when they could be having a buffet of fish.

Simple things in the morning.

I just finished up my 2nd week of Spanish school and I now know enough Spanish to be dangerous. But not enough to feel confident in my ability to talk to anybody I see. I’m sure it will come.

It looks like I have found a boat going to Panama on the 20th. I’m going to try and do some more sightseeing until then around Colombia. It’s a really great place. Don’t believe the things you’ve heard about it unless those things are good.

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